7.4.17 Walk and Talks every Friday and private sessions by appointment

I am offering group Walk and Talk sessions but also offer private one to one sessions just like private psychotherapy but we go out.

Walk Talk Therapy is talking outside whilst walking during therapy instead of sitting inside an office.

Many clients say that it is a more relaxed environment than the counselling office and it is a great way to jump start or support a fitness routine or active lifestyle. Walking while sharing your struggles and life situations can also be meditative. Walk Talk Therapy encourages healthy activity for adults and teens.

Research has shown that exercise can significantly impact anxiety and stress while improving overall mood. Walking is not only good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health.

Why Walk and Talk?

1. It gets clients moving—both literally.  Exercise is good for us and as part of good mental health self care.

2. It is conducted outdoors, being in nature is meditative, grounding and Mindful.  You are in the moment and noticing nature not thinking about negative thoughts.

3. It is an excellent choice for clients with several different kinds of issues. Clients who are going through a life transition, have anxiety, are experiencing some kind of loss or grief, as well as other challenges.  People with Autistic Spectrum Condition, men and teenagers tend to like the aspect of side by side aspect and no eye contact because it feels less confrontational and talking comes more naturally.

4. You set the pace of the session. If you prefer a meditative, relaxing session of walking or a more active, fast-paced session,  Walk Talk Therapy will match your pace.

5. Research studies have shown that physical activity can enhance the mental and physical health of clients.  Physical activity has also been shown to reduce levels of depression and anxiety and can help to prevent depressive symptoms.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

A Written Blog 23.2.17 (not from the horses mouth)!

Good morning everyone!  I am afraid I have left Hamish at his stables today, due to an amber alert.  The warning states “some very strong winds are expected throughout Thursday in association with Storm Doris, with a short period where gusts of 70 to 80 mph…”  So a written blog is the order of today!

My Walk and Talk tomorrow starts at Suprise View Car Park in Otley at 9.45am setting off at 10am.  

Yesterday was the Parents Peer Support Group at Outside the Box in Ilkley, last week it was at Mirror Mirror in Bingley.  In future if I do not get confirmation of attendance the night before I will cancel the event at the outreach premises.

This is a free event but obviously involves time and cost to me.  I shall present these in FB Live format from my premises if no one is confirmed to attend at the venue but I will keep my school venues as stated.  All the rest will be FB Live sessions.

Next time PPSG should be at the Fox and the Magpie so if I have no confirmations then this will be an FB Live from my premises to prevent unnecessary time and travel costs to me.  I hope you all understand, if you have any comments or feedback that would be very useful to me.

Rainy Tuesday 31.1.17

A traditional blog today, it is far too wet to do a VLOG on Hamish today!

A training session on Motivational Interviewing yesterday was a great reminder of psychotherapy techniques and teaching techniques using various acronyms to initiate change in peoples thinking.  Basically all clients need to make the change for themselves and not because you tell them – which is the essence of psychotherapy.  Enabling clients to help themselves giving them a toolbox of strategies to move them forward on their journey of change.

I have had clients all week as per usual and all day today.  I have supervision this week which I look forward to from Haven and privately, helps me to discuss a way froward with some clients and to offload about clients and myself to keep me mentally health and look after my own well being.

Wednesday is the Parents Peer Support Group from a new venue at Haworth – Cobbles and Clay.  The topic this week is using visuals – timetables, etc.  The following Wednesday is another new venue at South Square Cafe in Thornton on Thornton Road just by the New Inn.  The topic is danger and running off.

On Tuesday 7 February I am at Bingley Fitness Studio from 6.15-8.15 at an Ask the Experts night.  After classes or beforehand you can come and talk to various businesses about what they do.  I will be there to talk about what I do if you are interested.

If you are interested in psychotherapy, tutoring, the parents peer support group
or the training courses I offer in the workplace please contact me!