My career has been varied (equestrian, civil service, banking, teaching) all those experiences have been very helpful in forming a well-rounded flexible therapist.  I am a Psychodynamic and CBT trained psychotherapist, however my integrative style means I have developed my use of therapy. 

My professional development has meant I take on new and useful theories and integrate these into my work.  I studied at post graduate level to gain my Clinical Supervision certificate, I am supervisor as well as a psychotherapist.  My teaching experience has supported the training and coaching side of my practice

As a primary teacher for over 10 years, I was very proud to gain a ‘good’ for my teaching at our school’s OFSTED. I developed a passion for supporting Special Educational Needs whilst working in primary schools.  I would often notice children in my class and support the parents and children in their journey for assessment and supporting them in the classroom.

As a parent, I recognised the ADHD traits in my child so as a neurodiverse psychotherapist I not only understand professionally, but understand personally through lived experience, and I can support both parents and teachers through this process.  I sometimes work with parents to support them with their children rather than work with the child, if the children are not ready to engage with therapy at that time.

Over the years in private practice my psychotherapy business Spring has developed in to a consultancy practice.  I can assess clients to see if it is worth going for an assessment for a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism or PDA and signpost to private psychiatrists/psychologists if that is what the client wishes to do.  I have written reports for assessments and EHCP’s to assist parents to get the right support for their children.   I have worked as a consultant to schools, advising staff how best to support the children in their classes.  I have delivered training to both parents and teachers on various topics to do with both Mental Health and neurodiversity.  I have worked for schools, charities and parents directly in my capacity as a mental health and neurodiverse specialist.

Therapy has no age limit, I work with children and adults, my oldest client was 76 and the youngest child around 9/10 years of age. 

I work via Zoom, I tend to work with older children, as I cannot offer play therapy which is best suited to younger children.  The online therapy means clients can access therapy from all over the UK and Europe.  I have even had clients access therapy whilst away on holiday abroad.  It reduces travel time and cost, and all that is needed is a safe quiet space, free from distractions and a good WiFi connection.

For those that want face to face, I can offer Walk and Talk, however this is very dependent on weather conditions, although this can suit some people.

I work for Employee Assist Programmes and have had clients with their own businesses send their employees to me to assist their mental well-being.  It is fabulous to see workplaces investing in their employees in this way and shows a real positive change in workplace ethos.

Should you want to know more, please do contact me for more information.