Testimonials given by clients:

‘My young daughter is very comfortable and at ease with Seba during their Zoom sessions. We often felt a real difference in her ability to cope with anxiety after trying out Seba’s techniques and advise.   From participating in some sessions, I have also felt better armed to help give the right parental support’.

August 2021

‘Seba is great. It’s good to have someone to talk to. The techniques and coping strategies she has taught me, have really helped with easing my anxiety when I feel it building up.’
March 2020
“Seba has worked with J for several months now using psychotherapy sessions fortnightly to help with his hidden disability. Just before the schools closed we added fortnightly tutoring as well at his request.
These weekly sessions with Seba are a godsend and enables him to offload during these strange times, she has given him coping techniques to help him get through this and deal with the things that are being cancelled and also helped with a focused tutor time.”
March 2020
“Seba is providing some great tutoring for our six year old daughter. This has helped break things up during the current school closure. Our daughter loves the sessions. They are fun and productive”.
April 2020
‘My son has been working with Seba for a while now, originally to help him to regulate his emotions, but now he does Maths tuition with her to increase his confidence in the subject as he finds Maths particularly stressful. He is improving all the time and recently due to the current lockdown, we have moved to doing the sessions online via Zoom. This seems to be working well so far and learning from his own home seems to keep him calm.’
April 2020
‘When I first started with Seba I struggled to get through each day. I struggled with anxiety, phobia of sickness and my self esteem. I started with a few face to face sessions but due to the Lockdown measures they have had to be on a zoom call. There is no difference by having them on a zoom cal. I feel Seba still really connects with you and makes you feel like you are able to open up and get into the details of what have been causing the problems. After my sessions with Seba I feel like a very different person. She will always set me realistic tasks and makes me feel very proud when I can tell her I have achieved them. She is a fantastic counsellor who is very supportive and understanding. She has given me so very beneficial tips to help and if it wasn’t for her i would be where I am today. THANK YOU!’
April 2020
‘In the counselling sessions I have found that Seba can under stand matters that others do not understand, meaning I do not have to go into long explanations. I find this very useful because sometimes I can have emotions come back while I am explaining what has happened. Seba will never push me too much. She will always talk about what I am comfortable letting out. Overall I have liked the sessions and she has helped me a lot.’
April 2020
‘I first sought out counselling for my son when he started asking for help to manage his anger. He was 15 at the time, and has a diagnosis to Asperger syndrome. He had become fearful of how he might hurt someone if he lashed out, which was impacting his social capabilities and mental health.
After a relatively short period working with Seba the change in my son was remarkable. He became more relaxed, confident, less exhausted and started to enjoy familiar social environments such as Scouts. I had also not appreciated the impact his anxiety being around other people was having on his academic abilities.
However, this became apparent at his year 11 EHCP annual review when for the fist time in 10 years the focus was on how he was making progress in his learning and application to studies, rather than focus on attitudes and behaviours. It really hit home to me how much his energies had been focused on survival, until Seba worked with him to develop self-regulation strategies.
We continue to engage in counselling even though the original issues have been resolved, as he has worked with Seba to identify other areas he would like help with. In my opinion, this has been the single most beneficial activity I have invested in for my son.
As a parent the counselling sessions have been beneficial for me too. I carry less of a burden for feeling I need to have all the answers to help manage my sons condition, but rather can say ‘lets make a note and you can discuss it with Seba’. The sessions are also really practical, with tasks to work on after each meeting. I get a copy of the actions, which is enough to give me an oversight, but am grateful I don’t need to know all the details.’
April 2020

“I wasn’t sure if my son would benefit from sessions with Seba, as he is only 5, but he loves them and we have noticed a marked improvement in his ability to self calm after losing his temper. Behavioural issues mean he is often surrounded by negativity, Seba’s sessions of calm positivity are invaluable for his growth mindset.”

May 2020

‘I’ve just received X’s school report and thought you’d like to see it. I am so proud of how hard he has worked and of his attitude to learning and I’m delighted that he has achieved the expected standard on leaving primary school, I hope he now finally believes in himself!
A great big thank you for all the help and support you are giving him to help him realise his potential.
See you later on this afternoon.’
“Having the ability to talk about my situations definitely has beneftted me. Seba is very easy to be comfortable around and i found it to be a relaxed space that i could talk and be understood. It helped me by bringing my problems into the open so that they can be combated and I am happy to say i have changed drastically.”
Female, 16

“Seba helped our son with his self confidence and willingness to keep trying. His mental maths and spelling improved greatly through the tuition he received and, most importantly, he enjoyed the tuition sessions.”

Male primary tutoring, July 2018

“In June 2018, I attended the self-esteem session at Eldwick school.

I wasn’t sure what to expect so went with an open mind hoping for just an insight into low self-esteem and possible solutions to situations I was facing daily.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session, it was informative In a relaxed setting, it was easy to talk openly and freely about the person who suffers from low self-esteem without feeling judged.

I gained a greater insight and was given solutions to the problems that I was facing, I would highly recommend going on the sessions.

Seba has a wealth of knowledge and I’m hoping to attend more sessions in the future.”

Parent Peer Support Group – Michelle Litinov
“Seba did some sessions with my son around his anxieties, even though it was a short period he opened up to her and the breathing techniques she taught him seemed to help. Also been to several parenting peer sessions and did a recent workshop on anxiety which I found useful.”
Anxiety workshop, Male, child psychotherapy and parent peer support groups. 2016-2018
“Seba is a very professional and knowledgeable Psychotherapist.She has a great rapport with both children and adults.I have been really impressed with what she has achieved in little relatively time with my son.I would definitely recommend Seba to anyone who needs counselling/psychotherapy.”
Male child psychotherapy, January 2018
“My daughter was having problems dealing with her older brother who has emotional and behavioural difficulties. She had 3 sessions with Seba and now has the skills to cope better. She has made a box full of comforting things which she used when feeling cross or sad and as a family we have learnt to really focus on the positive things she does.
Thanks Seba.”
Female, child psychotherapy, April 2018
“We would like to say thank you for the work you have undertaken with our son. We can see the progress he has made in the time he has been working with you. He has the tools now to understand and help him through any issues that confront him in his day to day life. His confidence has grown and whilst he is not an extrovert because that is not in his nature there is certainly a more mature teenager that came out the other side.”
Male, Child Psychotherapy, November 2017
“I am a police officer … and have seen a lot of things that people just shouldn’t see. I lost my mother last year and my father has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I realised … that something had broken inside me and I needed help.
I reached out and Seba was there, to give me the help and support that I needed. She listened to my problems and helped me to work out solutions to help me in everyday life. Seba referred me to my doctors after our first meeting and after 5-6 months and several sessions with Seba, I feel back on track.
I realise that the world isn’t all sunshine and roses, and there are bumps along this long road we call life. But if you feel like you’re struggling, there’s always someone there to help. I am very grateful of all the help Seba has given me and would definitely recommend her and the service she provides to anyone.
Thanks for your help.  x”
Male, Adult Psychotherapy   November 2017
“As committee member of the National Autistic Society, Keighley & District branch, I cannot recommend Spring Psychotherapy’s Parent Peer Support Groups enough. I would encourage all schools (primary, secondary and beyond) to consider hosting one of these groups regularly. Providing a lifeline for parents of children with additional needs, the groups have proven to be highly beneficial during diagnosis, immediately post diagnosis and further along the journey. Being a parent of a child with additional needs can be very isolating and offering a platform in schools for parents to support each other by learning strategies and sharing experiences is vital. The parent peer support groups not only benefit the parent and in turn the child but also strengthen the confidence parents have in the school leadership. A school offering this kind of support is sympathetic to the needs of these families which is imperative if parents and education providers are to work together for the benefit of the child.”
Laura Baldwin Branch Treasurer National Autistic Society Keighley & Bingley District

“Very helpful insight into education for additional needs. I also found Seba’s one to one sessions incredibly useful in ‘unblocking’ some issues surrounding a stressful few years. My only recommendation would be that Seba’s services were supported by a charitable or community organisation so that more people can access them.”

Regular attendee of Parent Peer Support Group

“Walk and Talk on Fridays is an excellent way to get some exercise and enjoy nature with the opportunity to chat to Seba about anything that’s bothering you.  I enjoyed the Facebook Live videos, especially the one on resilience. I’ve shared that one with a few friends who I thought it might help.”
Parent Peer Support Group and Walk and Talk attendee

“I really enjoy the peer support groups especially ones regarding autism and the effects that sleep deprivation can have an effect on you, it’s a great way to meet people who are going through the same as you and not feeling alone, the other parents also have great ideas to put forward on how they deal with daily tasks, definitely would love more xx”

Parent attending Parent Peer Support Group at Crossley Hall Primary School February – June 2017

“I found your sessions very interesting and thought provoking – pointed me in the right direction for trying to find out more about ASD in order to try and help our son more as he has been in the system for over 2 years awaiting diagnosis, even though we know ourselves that he has HFA!! Thank you for your support. I am currently receiving CBT myself on a Weds morning which is helping with my own anxieties. Thanks again. Xx”

Parent attending various Parent Peer Support Groups held in Bingley, Shipley, Skipton March – July 2017

“We contacted Seba after having some concerns about our son’s education, his confidence and self esteem. Seba is so approachable and compassionate and immediately struck up a rapport with our son. Seba structures the weekly sessions to provide engaging educational activities and challenges whilst at the same time using Growth Mindset principles to boost his confidence and provide strategies to deal with anxiety and stress. We have certainly noticed a difference in our son’s belief in himself and how he is developing a more positive approach to challenging tasks.

The one to one support is proving invaluable in helping our son embed the key areas of the the National curriculum and believe that he can do it.

We highly recommend Seba who concentrates on the development of your child as a whole person not just from an academic perspective.”

Male 8 tutoring August 2017

“I contacted Seba after my son had been very unwell for many years and struggled to get help from the NHS.  Seba has not only supported my son but been an amazing support for me. She is flexible and listens to our needs and both me and my son feel very comfortable around her. Seba has been visiting a few months now and my son has made progress and has started to leave the house when he previously wouldn’t. I can’t recommend Seba enough she is a warm and kind lady and will do everything she can to help and accommodate.”
Male 18 psychotherapy  August 2017
Seba works with our son who is seven. She is a very caring and focused teacher. She puts thought into lesson plans and how to adapt them for individual requirements. She understands that one type of delivery of teaching does not fit all children. Most of all she has a real commitment to helping children who have a number of barriers to overcome. We would have no hesitation in recommending her as a tutor.
Male 7 ASC tutoring July 2017

“At the end of Year 5, our son had received a very positive school report for behaviour but academically he was just falling short of the expected standards set for his age.
He finds it difficult to actively listen consistently in lessons so we were worried that he would miss some of the more complicated work 6 year would bring.
We decided to hire a tutor to re-enforce his school learning and give him valuable confidence for SAT’s.
Throughout Year 6 with Seba’s help, he grew in confidence and was even motivated and comfortable enough to revise for his SAT’s.
He achieved the expected standards in all area’s, and most importantly actively enjoyed the assessments. The whole experience of hiring Seba has been incredibly positive. Our son took to her straight away and never complained about her coming or needing to do extra work. He has proved to himself that hard work pays off and success is directly related to effort.”

Male 10 tutoring July 2017

“My son has been diagnosed with Dyselxia and Complex Needs with Autistic Traits.  He saw Seba one to one over a period of months every other week,  The main areas of concern for us was his anxiety which transferred into behaviours at home.  He had managed to compartmentalise school and home.  The Paediatrician said this can happen due to the child feeling secure enough to ‘let off steam’ at home.  So at school he needed the routine and structure and conformed to the school rules however the effort meant that in the safety of home he had ‘outbursts’ ‘rages’ and ‘explosions’ of verbal and physical anger.  It was so distressing to see him so agitated and upset and he couldn’t vocalise why.  We assumed the frustrations of the daily battle with dyslexia and school pressures was causing this distress.

I found Seba’s background in Primary Teaching coupled with her knowledge of psychology, particularly Autism and Dyslexia made her the perfect choice.  He had therapy sessions to help him deal with his anger and try to label his emotions and explore coping mechanisms to channel his anger.  Seba used art and play therapy as well as talking in a way that wasn’t threatening to him.  He felt comfortable in her therapy room, they built up a relationship and he enjoyed going.  He was taught breathing exercises and distraction techniques to deescalate behaviours at home.  We found this immensely useful and as a result a much calmer boy.

I feel this is due to Seba’s intervention therapy sessions.  The home behaviours have decreased and he is mostly able to vocalise his distress instead of always acting it out.  Each week I received a detailed report of how the session went and some photos of when he did art therapy or notable sessions.

I would recommend Seba as a therapist without any hesitation.  She is a warm and knowledgeable lady with a passion to really make a difference in a child’s life; as she has done for my son.  We look forward to working together again in the future in a tutoring role or therapist if the need arises.”

Male 10 psychotherapy and tutoring July 2017

“Our daughter has blossomed since coming to see Seba.  Seba quickly made her feel at home, in each session and very quickly got to know her and the areas that could be supported. As well as working on academic subjects to great effect, Seba has pin-pointed and worked on issues which have resulted in enormous personal growth. She has tackled perfectionism, anxiety issues and also worked on our daughter’s confidence. Since seeing Seba, family and friends have all noticed our little girl bloom and to see her enjoying her work and coping so well with it is a joy to see. Thank you so much Seba for your commitment, professionalism, flexible approach and for your kindness as you go about your work. You get great results and it is always a pleasure to come and see you.”
Female 7  tutoring July 2017

I am writing to unreservedly support Seba’s services and to recommend Spring Tutoring and Counselling following my family’s recent experiences.

My 9 year old son began to suffer from extreme anxiety at the start of the year. This manifested in ritualistic behaviours and violent and aggressive behaviour. Despite CAMHS intervention my son didn’t show any signs of progress until he started seeing Seba.

She worked with him on understanding his brain’s responses and used Cognitive Behaviour Therapy strategies to alleviate his OCD symptoms. She helped him develop self-calming strategies (such as breathing techniques) to help him with self-control. She created a personalised programme of sessions; some working alone and some ‘family therapy’, to meet his needs. Over a period of several months this work has resulted in a much calmer and happier little boy. He now shows more empathy and can articulate his feelings more readily. The whole family has benefited from these improvements.

Seba has our heartfelt thanks for returning to us our beautiful, smiling boy.

Male 10  psychotherapy July 2017

I liked the way you approached issues from lots of different angles. You seemed to have a good understanding of her needs and offered lots of practical solutions for her to try.
In herself she has been less confrontational and has managed to walk away sometimes instead of being violent and abusive. She also seems more confident and outgoing and is more able to say how she is feeling.
I think she has enjoyed her time with you which has allowed her to openly talk about things that are happening in her life which she is struggling to make sense of. Also it has allowed her to reflect on things and look at them from another point of view. Thanks so much for your hard work and expertise!

Female 15 (psychotherapy) July 2017

Seeing Seba helped me when I had a huge crisis in my life. Just being able to offload everything in my head in a safe and confidential environment was so beneficial to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue the sessions due to personal funding issues but the sessions I had with Seba at Spring were very helpful indeed and I would recommend psychotherapy to everyone.

Female 36 (psychotherapy) January 2017

Seba Thomson worked with my son as an Autism Counsellor in March to May 2017. My son has Autism and had a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 9 years old. He had a difficult last 2 years at Secondary School, and later in the 2nd year of Sixth Form college, to the point where he wasn’t able to go to college and was so anxious and depressed he rarely left the home. As a result he wasn’t able to attend the meetings with health professionals at the Adult Mental Health services, so was not getting any counselling at all.

Seba was a very effective counsellor/therapist, who came to our home to meet and talk with him about his anxieties and concerns which were based in his Autism. Seba was considerate and flexible when on occasions Kieran was unable to talk or engage during a session. Overall the experience was positive and Seba built a good trusting relationship with him.

Male 19 psychotherapy May 2017

“Having the ability to talk about my situations definitely has benefited me.  Seba is very easy to be comfortable around and I found it to be a relaxed space that I could talk and be understood. It helped me by bringing my problems into the open so that they can be combated and I am happy to say I have changed drastically.”
Female, 16 (psychotherapy) June 2017

“I have recently come to an end of my sessions with Seba after weekly meetings over a six month period, I have found the process to be very helpful and I feel much happier and in control both mentally and physically. My initial reservations to therapy were unfounded and Seba made me very welcome and relaxed, I would highly recommend Seba to anyone suffering with depression and or anxiety. I viewed the experience as a learning process with Seba teaching me the skills needed to feel happier and better understand why I was struggling, much like learning any skill speaking to a professional gave me clarity of why things were the way they were and how to move forward and be happy.”

Male, 38(psychotherapy) June 2017

Seba gives kind, thoughtful and clever counsel, exhibiting empathetic insight and providing great guidance. It has been a delight to me to improve my outlook/being/life so quickly thanks to Seba’s skills and wisdom.  Thank you Seba.

Female, 45 (psychotherapy)March 17

I started therapy with Seba a few months ago and I am very happy to say that she has helped me immensely and I have found the experience to be very positive and also interesting. I am male and in my late thirties and up until I decided to seek help would have fit the profile of a typical Yorkshire male who would have laughed at the idea of therapy and certainly wouldn’t have seen the value in it. The therapy with Seba has helped to teach me different ways to approach coping with stress and depression and has been a huge help in getting happier, which for me is what it is all about.

Male, 37 (psychotherapy) January 2017

“Since coming to see Seba, I have felt a huge difference in my ability to cope with situations happening in my life.   My confidence in myself has grown massively and I have learned strategies that have helped me become a better more patient mum to my son.  I really enjoy the sessions and would highly recommend her!”

Female, 37 psychotherapy January 2017


Seba has a great professional yet personal manner; i instantly felt comfortable and able to discuss things with her. I found the online working so much more accessible too; by meeting with her online I actually felt able to say things that I may have struggled with face to face (not to mention how much less time it takes when you don’t have to travel anywhere (or leave your cosy living room!)) I particularly like the combination of psychodynamic theory and CBT. I felt we were able to address issues in a holistic way rather than prescriptive which in turn made me feel empowered and in control of the sessions. Thanks Seba.

Female 32 psychotherapy November 2016


“Seba is a lovely lady who has given my family some great skills to help us move forward and grow. Looking forward to more sessions with her. I would highly recommend and felt totally at ease with her.”

Female 45 Family support and psychotherapy September 2016


I really like working with Seba. Actually we work online -through a distance and I can see many benefits of this style. It is like talking with a friend on Facebook. At the same time you got more organised and start analysing situation or problems through the ‘homework’ that is being send via email. Well organised work in your own time and space. If there is any sort of baggage you carry emotional or physical I recommend contacting Seba for a chat.

Female 35 psychotherapy November 2016


I recommend Seba for counselling; she is patient, understanding and empathetic and at the same time very proactive in suggesting coping mechanisms for my anxiety disorder.

Female 40 psychotherapy December 2016


For years and years of ‘fighting’ to get help and support, feeling like you are going mad and all your asking for his help ! Well today, I’ve had two hours with Spring Seba Thomson.  She is so well informed/ sympathetic and more importantly in tune with the real world .   I would thoroughly recommend her and would urge people to look on her profile…….. I’m glad I did.

Female  parents peer support group October 2016


I started sessions with Seba whilst I was going through a challenging time with parenting issues. I was feeling anxious more than I normally would be and had trouble controlling this anxiety and getting it in perspective. Following my series of sessions I am much more capable of seeing life in perspective and controlling my anxiety. It had really helped me manage my thought processes and I am happier for it. I fully believe that however big, or indeed small, you feel your challenges are that committing to a series of sessions would be of benefit to anyone “

I particularly found looking at the range of behaviours and being able to give them names really useful – this helped me recognise when I was slipping into these behaviours and controlling them/managing them. It was just as useful to identify “good/healthy” behaviours. Getting to the point of identifying my “core belief” was a particularly useful process – now I can see this I can manage it.

In general I felt good after the sessions, as being able to “offload” and spend time on myself was good and something I had not really ever allowed myself to do. There was a couple of weeks in the middle of the run of sessions where I felt confused and as if I didn’t have the time to put the work in but I worked through this and it was worth it.

Female 52 psychotherapy November 2016


Can highly recommend Seba who recently was a huge help with my son. Seba not only made him feel at ease and able to confide in her but helped him to recognise his problem and face it with the helpful suggestions. What could have become an insurmountable problem what quickly resolved with her expertise. We’re extremely grateful.

Male 16 psychotherapy November 2016


Seba came for an initial meeting with the boys and they instantly liked and respected her. She has quickly assessed their particular barriers to learning and is designing bespoke exercises to address their particular learning objectives. She keeps all feedback positive and is mindful to keep tasks within the children’s frames of interest. Each session is followed by progress notes sent via email so my husband and I are kept informed of their progress.

We are very keen to see with Seba’s contribution, the children feel more confident in their abilities at school. Most importantly, the children are very happy to be tutored by her and really enjoy their sessions

Male 8 and 10 Tutoring October 2016


Seba tutors our son who is primary school age. He has additional needs and Seba immediately struck up a rapport with him and he likes her very much. The sessions are well structured with clear aims and we receive regular feedback to show the content of the sessions and the outcomes. The sessions are fun and appropriate to our son’s abilities whilst at the same time they are pushing him to achieve more. Seba is very approachable and works closely with us. We would definitely recommend her.

Male 6 Tutoring ASC October 2016


I attended weekly Psychotherapy sessions with Seba in May through to July 2016. Seba is incredibly professional, organised and above all, caring and emphatic. She is flexible with times / places and would either come to my house or I would go to hers. (The treatment room at Seba’s house is wonderfully calm and peaceful.)

Through her questioning and informal discussion, I found out I was experiencing Depression which was actually a relief in some respects as I thought it was ‘just me’ being pathetic and self indulgent and that I needed to ‘get a grip’ of myself. Seba helped me to realise that there is a way forward and encouraged me to question and analyze the cause of my negative emotions and my ‘blackest’ thoughts.

Seba guided me through different activities / relaxation and mental strategies (including homework tasks set after each session) which helped me to be more mindful of what is behind my emotions / reactions to daily situations, and to begin to change negative thinking habits.

Overall, I have found the sessions worthwhile in that they have added to my ‘tools’ to deal with my emotions and helped me to examine what is behind my emotions / reactions. I admire how Seba wasn’t afraid to ask her mentor for advice when she was unsure of next steps or alternative strategies to support me. I found her to be an incredibly knowledgeable and competent practitioner and appreciate the time and thought she has put into my treatment. I would highly recommend Seba to anyone wishing to work with a Psychotherapist.

Female 45 Psychotherapy July 2016


I can’t thank Seba enough for all that she is doing for me, she is giving me the confidence to begin to understand and manage anxieties caused in childhood. She is professional, warm, understanding and patient and really understands my issues, where I was, where I am, and where I want to get to. She provides a kind, supportive environment where I feel safe to talk and express myself and I really look forward to my sessions.

Female 46 Psychotherapy August 2016