A Written Blog 23.2.17 (not from the horses mouth)!

Good morning everyone!  I am afraid I have left Hamish at his stables today, due to an amber alert.  The warning states “some very strong winds are expected throughout Thursday in association with Storm Doris, with a short period where gusts of 70 to 80 mph…”  So a written blog is the order of today!

My Walk and Talk tomorrow starts at Suprise View Car Park in Otley at 9.45am setting off at 10am.  

Yesterday was the Parents Peer Support Group at Outside the Box in Ilkley, last week it was at Mirror Mirror in Bingley.  In future if I do not get confirmation of attendance the night before I will cancel the event at the outreach premises.

This is a free event but obviously involves time and cost to me.  I shall present these in FB Live format from my premises if no one is confirmed to attend at the venue but I will keep my school venues as stated.  All the rest will be FB Live sessions.

Next time PPSG should be at the Fox and the Magpie so if I have no confirmations then this will be an FB Live from my premises to prevent unnecessary time and travel costs to me.  I hope you all understand, if you have any comments or feedback that would be very useful to me.

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