Social Anxiety 13.8.18

Social Anxiety is a common problem. 

Many of my clients suffer from this issue, here are three steps to find your social courage:

1  Challenge yourself and go to a social situation that triggers your social anxiety. 
Notice how you feel and hear your negative self talk of self-doubt. ‘What is everyone thinking about me here?’ ‘Do I belong?’ ‘Will anybody want to talk to me?’
Instead of trying to stop these thoughts, recognise them and be willing to temporarily accept and embrace that uncertainty and acknowledge that you are now aware these thoughts are unhelpful thinking.

2 When you are aware of a high level of social discomfort, try a mindful body scan.
Run your mind over your body, from your toes up. Notice how much resistance to anxiety you are experiencing by tightening, fidgeting, tensing and when you come to your thorax, you will problem notice you are holding your breath. Slowly noticing this let this negative energy go.

3 Don’t be afraid of rejection because it happens to everybody.
People are complex beings. Rejection is as much a part of human interaction as forming friendships. Sufferers of social anxiety tend to catastrophise rejection, fearing that if they start with a conversation with a new person they will receive dramatically abusive response. This is not logical and it is helpful to recognise that and to instead learn to accept rejection as something undesirable but not unbearable. 

If you recognise some of these examples and want some support. You can message me or speak to me about a one to one appointment on 07719 751138.