5.1.17 Spring CPT from the horses mouth!

Listen to Seba talk about the new monthly newsletter starting this week.  Let Seba know your email address if you want to be informed via email each month!  Information about Parents Peer Support Groups, podcasts, Facebook Live and how Spring CPT can help one to one clients but also training for those wanted staff to be more aware of Mental Health, Autism, ADHD and emotional and behavioural problems.

Freezing cold Thursday on Baildon Green.  What is the hill in the distance?  Wilsden??

Bridleway at the side of Titus Salt School Higher Coach Road.  The route so far!

Near the end of the ride on Shipley Glen!

20.12.16 Video Blog from the horses mouth!

This weeks blog is about Ahead Partnership and the work they do in schools.  I spoke to Lola Wilson for this weeks podcast.  The Parents Peer Support group starts again on Wednesday 4 January.  Future podcasts guests discussed.  This week I am going to start my first Facebook Live session this could be a fortnightly/weekly event depending on time.

I am looking for topics for the discussions on Facebook Live, for the Parents Peer Support coffee mornings and for podcasts.  Any ideas please message me.