What’s going on? 24.4.17

The past couple of weeks have been quite quiet with lots of people going away on holiday for Easter.  The lovely Spring weather has put a spring in our step!

I am getting back onboard with my Facebook Live sessions kicking off tomorrow with The End of Relationships or Divorce.  We often underestimate the impact of the end of a relationship; it is much like losing someone through bereavement, they are gone from your life and that is huge.  I liken the symptoms we go through to grief and bereavement because it is like recovering from a death.  There are big changes you go through in your life.  Tune in tomorrow on Facebook Live at 9am if you can’t make it look on my page later to watch and comment.

Wednesday it is the Free Parent Peer Support Group at Crossley Hall Primary School on Thornton Road in Bradford.  The topic this week is the importance of sleep and bed time routine.  The impact of sleep on our thinking and learning is massive and often overlooked as adults as well as our children.  Come along and learn about what you can do to improve this and share ideas and chat to other parents.

My Walk and Talk on Friday is in Rawdon this week meeting up by Jubilee Hall on Layton Lane.  These are an opportunity to talk and walk in nature.  The importance of being outdoors, physical exercise and being social is a huge part of good mental health so take care of you and come along!

On Tuesday 9th May I am giving a talk at the Child Development Centre at Airedale Hospital for AWARE.  Please contact AWARE to confirm your place!  The topic is Communication and Social Needs and how to use visual resources to support this.  To join AWARE take a look here:  http://awareuk.homestead.com/

I have space for adult and adolescent psychotherapy during the day time and later evening appointments.  Please contact me for a chat over your needs and booking an appointment.


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