#2 Podcast 12.12.16 Acupuncture and Mental Health Awareness

This is Spring Counselling Psychotherapy and Tutoring’s second podcast.  This week the focus is on how alternative or ‘natural’ therapies can assist mental health problems.

Today seba from Spring Counselling Psychotherapy and Tutoring’s guest is an experienced Chinese Acupuncturist and Complementary Therapist: Chantal Nogbou.

Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds

This business is run by Chantal who is a mobile complementary therapist.  This morning she talks about how acupuncture and how it can help those with mental health problems.  This fascinating discussion about acupuncture and it’s holistic approach to health; explains how both physical and mental health problems can be addressed alongside other therapies.  Also the practice of acupuncture has no limits on ages it is applicable from birth and even pre-birth to the elderly!

Listen to the audio podcast to find out more.




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