Seba has always had a fascination of psychology and a passion to understand how the mind influences our behaviour.  Why do we behave the way we do?  What influences us?  How can we stop unwanted behaviours?  What is the cause of a behaviour, rather than just challenging a behaviour understand why is it happening.

Early in her career, animal psychology was key to her role as an instructor and rider.  She used psychology to understand what the influences were to the horse’s behaviour.  Horses cannot tell you what is wrong, you have to work it out.  In order to train horses effectively or work out why a problem behaviour is occurring you have to use psychology.  It is important to work out why and a good understanding of a horses and a riders mind, enabled her to get the best out of them as a rider and an instructor.

Later as a Primary Teacher she similarly learned about Child Development and Educational Psychology, she learned many theories such as Attachment theory and realised the strong connections all of her work.  Seba believes understanding more about our minds will assist us in learning and improving our behaviours.  Her interest in Educational Psychology and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities developed through her parental and professional interest.  Much like her work with horses she found it fascinating to learn about the mind and its impact on our behaviour.  Clearly if we know why the behaviour happens, then that awareness can assist the child, adolescent or adult to make their own positive changes with her support.  She assists you in your journey to self discovery.